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Taxation & Accounting
for R&D&I

Usually the cost of R&D&I for IT projects is high, so the application of the tax advantages established by the tax administration undoubtedly generates a benefit that companies can not and should not renounce. However, receiving specialized professional advice on the subject is essential when exploiting such tax advantages, since an incorrect application of deductions for R&D&I activities could lead to a serious economic loss or penalties. In this sense, the aim is to maximise potential benefits while ensuring that legal requirements are met, so as to avoid in requirements for rectification of errors and possible penalties following a review by tax authorities.

“Take advantage of current tax opportunities to make your innovation more competitive and more cost efficient”


Among the most important advantages of these deductions for companies are the following:

  • Immediate financial impact – less tax paid.

  • Respects the autonomy of the company’s decision regarding their innovation strategy.

  • Proportional to R&D&I activities.

  • Protects the confidentiality of the company.

  • Compatible with subsidies: synergy in savings.

  • Possibility of accumulating tax rebates from up to 15 years back.


Our strength in this field is to bring together multidisciplinary teams of technical sectoral experts in key sectors who know the state of the art and can advise on which kind of activities are considered R&D and which are not, combing this knowledge with tax experts with up to date knowledge of procedures.

Image by Tyler Franta
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