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Second CEF Digital call for the 5G for Smart Communities

The Commission has launched the second call for proposals under the Connecting Europe Facility Digital programme (CEF Digital). The 5G for Smart Communities action will contribute to the deployment of 5G-based systems that support services of general interest for citizens around the EU.

Call for proposals for Works

The second CEF Digital call for the 5G for Smart Communities action is now open until 23 February 2023, with a budget of €50 million. Funding under this action will support projects that exploit new capabilities provided by 5G networks, with the aim of delivering new, efficient and more resilient public services. Launched under the CEF Digital programme, this second call for proposals is similar to the first call and takes into consideration the outcomes of the latter, as well as feedback received from stakeholders, including the Broadband Competence Offices and participants during consultation webinars. Context – benefits of 5G for smart communities Access to fast and reliable 5G connectivity has huge potential to help European regions, cities and local communities to transform digitally, modernise specific sectors, such as health and education, and to innovate public services. The 5G Public-Private Partnership demonstrated through 5G pilots that 5G has a high potential for many sectors.

Examples include:

  • The Commission’s Digital Education Action Plan has identified connectivity as a critical component for a high-performing digital education ecosystem, with the possibility of having students take part in classes from remote areas by using virtual and augmented reality.

  • Recent studi

es have shown that healthcare centers need networks with significant bandwidth to process electronic health records, and enable real-time and personalized medical advice and treatment.

  • Other use cases, such as emergency health monitoring and care in ambulances or uninterrupted health monitoring and support outside healthcare facilities, could also benefit from the new capabilities brought about by ultra-reliable 5G connectivity.

  • In recent times, the COVID-19 crisis has also shown how important it is to have high-speed connectivity for the provision of key public services at a distance.

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